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Welcome to HD

     HD Helicam will enhance all your aerial media needs with our advanced camera platforms. Whether it's inspecting a bridge, aerial mapping, thermal imaging, shooting a feature film or marketing, our close range state of the art radio controlled flying platforms will impress  you with great results.

Our team members have over three decades of RC flying, motion picture and telecommunications experience with a perfect safety record and in accordance with MOT standards.

Capturing angles and moving images that were previously too difficult or too expensive can now be accomplished safely and economically. Now, your creativity is free to explore what was once impossible.

When you get the shots you are looking for take advantage of our video editing packages to further enhance your final product. View more of our work by visiting our video page and youtube link at the bottom of the page.

The benefits are limitless for our small battery powered camera platforms. More versatile than cranes, cheaper and safer than helicopters. Don't risk employee safety to get  an "eyes on" perspective in an industrial setting. Benefit from a perminent record for group analizing on the ground. Our platforms are safe, cost effective and quick to set up. Give us a call and let us help you reach your objective. HD Helicam offers next level creativity, versatility, and capability.