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HD HELICAM Aerial Cinematography

HD Helicam is dedicated to safety, excellence and quality

Our equipment is state of the art for the best in safety, quality and productivity. HD Helicams support staff have decades of experience in radio control and telecommunications. Our RC flight experience dates back to the 1980's and our chief technical officer holds a degree in telecommunications from Manitoba as well is a graduate of (BCIT) British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Our creative team has over 30 years experience in the film, television and graphics arts industries and can help you realize your creative goals.

What ever your project is, HD Helicam can do it safer, faster and more economically than stills or other conventional means.

Our media platforms are an ideal vehicle to showcase large properties, landscaping or architecture that stills just cannot capture.

Take advantage of our editing packages for a professional finish.

Give your clients a new perspective by using HD Helicam

Top of the line flight management is installed on all our media platforms.

We fly Wookong-M GPS flight control systems with down link telemetry so we always know what is going on in the air.

Our main fleet of aerial media platforms are battery operated but we do have gas powered helicopters that can be used for higher speed applications.
Wookong - M Flight Controllers
Stabilized 3 Axis Gimbal
We use Spektrum, JR and Hitec Aurora communications systems for flight and camera operation.

We can fly as high and as far as local laws dictate.

The camera we fly are the Sony Nex 7, and Canon EOS, with support for Red Epic.

For camera stabilization we utilize DJI systems Zenmuse 3 axis brushless gimbals as well as Cinestar for Red Scarlet and Epic support.
DJI Zenmuse 3 Axis Brushless Gimbals
Red Epic Cinestar Gimbal
Cinestar Gimbals
GPS Stabilized Flight Control System
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